Artist learn basic techniques and hone skills they already have.
Children can explore through drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and sculpture.

Drawing Techniques-Drawing faces, hands, and demonstrating foundation drawing skills.
Pencils-Into to applying complementary colors and incorporating color techniques into students art work.

Advanced Techniques-Students will learn shading, color theory and shadowing. Including illustration, color theory and design.

Through out the summer and fall we will offer classes that incorporate history and art. If you belong to a Home School ground and would like information about customized classes. Please feel free to contact us.

Here is our current class schedule…
We teach all ages from 3 years to Adults.

*** Other Classes are available by appointment only.
       Night Classes are available.

We welcome any Parent to join us. Adult lesson are available on a one on one or with you children. Please contact us for more details.

1 Session         $15.00
4 Sessions        $50.00

Family Plans are available please contact us for pricing.